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Make the Most of Your Weekend

Do you ever get to Sunday night and wonder where the weekend went? You spend all week working hard and want to enjoy…

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#LifeHacks: Happiness Hacks

It has long since been drilled into our consciousness that success, be it personal or professional, leads to being happy. However, more recently,…

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Breakfast On The Go

You hear it all the time: “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!”. But due to our hectic lifestyles, it's not…

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Bridgewater Welcomes Melissa to the Team

We're pleased to introduce Melissa Jones, the newest member of our Head Office Business Systems team. Melissa has joined us as a Graduate…

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A Good Idea Can Take You Anywhere: Entrepreneurs Whose ‘Light-Bulb Moments’ Paid Off

“The good ideas will survive.” - Quentin Tarantino A Hollywood blockbuster, a classic novel, a Renaissance masterpiece; they all start with one thing…

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Why We Love Lord Sugar – And You Should Too

As The Apprentice celebrates its 10th year on BBC1, we take a look at what makes Lord Alan Sugar such a successful entrepreneur…

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How to Make it: Advice from Rock Star Entrepreneurs

Success: (noun) The accomplishment of an aim or purpose. When it's written plainly, success seems to be quite a simple concept, doesn't it?…

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Bridgewater Welcomes Darcey to the Team

Bridgewater Resources are pleased to introduce Darcey Hufton-Long, who recently joined us as a Graduate Recruitment Trainee. She is the newest member of…

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Marketing You: Creating a Personal Brand

The world is changing, almost everything you see around you is a form of marketing; from the billboards you see on your way…

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Interviews: Make them Remember You

How long does it take to make a first impression? Just one-tenth of a second. When you are looking for a new job…

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How To Be More Confident

Our confidence can have an impact on all aspects of our lives and it can make us or break us when it comes…

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How to Turn Down a Job Offer

Look at you, high-flyer! After what felt like an eternity of CVs, applications, situational tests, competency questions and interviews, you've found yourself in…

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How to Assess Your Job Offer

Well done! All your hard work job hunting has paid off and you now have an offer, but are you going to accept…

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Bridgewater Welcomes Tom to the Team

We are pleased to introduce Tom Ferrington, who has recently joined our team here at Bridgewater Resources UK. Tom is our newest Consultant…

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Received a Job Offer? Don’t Ask These Questions!

Receiving a job offer is always exciting news and naturally you may have a few more questions in mind before signing on the…

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