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Category: Career Progression

8 Business Etiquette Rules That Should Never Be Broken

Business etiquette can have a big impact on the success of your career. The business world is all about working with people and…

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Interpersonal Skills: Why They Are Vital and How to Improve Them

There are a number of key skills for jobs that will help you climb the ladder to success. However, your interpersonal skills encompass…

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Showing Initiative: Work and Job Interviews

Good employees get the job done well, exceptional employees think outside of the box. This is why showing initiative at work is a…

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7 Secrets to Successfully Managing Your Time and Prioritising Work

Do you often feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day? Are never-ending to-do lists making you feel stressed and overwhelmed?…

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Top 10 Key Skills for Any Job: What Employers Want

Have you got the skills that employers are looking for? If you’re on the hunt for a job, there are certain skills and…

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How to Win the Loyalty of Your Customers

How many customers do you see flitting between different electrical wholesalers always chasing the best deal or price? Where there are plenty of…

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Essential Team Leader Skills for Management Success

For some, progression to management is a super quick process whereas, for others, it takes years of hard work. Wherever you are in…

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Dealing with Recruiters: Honesty is the Best Policy

The job hunter/recruiter relationship is a complex one. On one hand, you build a rapport with them and form a unique professional relationship.…

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The Importance of Peer Feedback: What is a 360 Review?

At work, what do you think when you hear the words ‘feedback’ and ‘review’? Some of us will have flashbacks to being pulled…

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New Year’s Resolutions: Why You Need a Vision

The new year is always the perfect time for reflection. What did you achieve last year? Did you make the most of it?…

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How to Build Lasting Business Relationships: 8 Pro Tips

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘relationship’? No, we’re not talking about romantic walks by the sea or swiping…

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How to Travel and Work: See the World and Be Successful

How many pictures have you seen of friends posing outside temples, on top of mountains or with sedated tigers? Social media feeds are…

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What is a Personal Development Plan and What Can it Mean for you?

Ask yourself the following questions: Where are you now in your career? Where would you like to see yourself in 2, 5 and…

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How to Know When You Need a New Job

When was the last time you took a step back and really reflected on your current job? It’s all too easy for us…

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Time to Reflect: Where is Your Career Heading?

Your career is a huge part of your life so you need to make sure that you are managing it effectively. To a…

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What Makes a Good Team Player? – 8 Key Qualities

The success of every business is driven by teams of people. It makes perfect sense that we achieve more by working together than…

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Researching Skills: Why They’re Important in Every Career

How you use your researching skills at work does depend on your role, but there's one thing for sure, you need them! Your…

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6 Personality Traits of a Great Salesperson

Did you know that only 1 in 3 salespeople actually hit or exceed their sales targets? What sets this third above the rest?…

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Digital Literacy: Are You Up to Speed?

OK, before we get into things, there's one mantra we all need to embrace: change is good. Many of us are guilty of…

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Digital Skills: 7 Ways to Further Your Career

Digital skills have become increasingly important to businesses and therefore increasingly desirable in employees. These skills are no longer just relevant to those…

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