3 New Careers That You Can Start Today

There are hundreds of reasons that people search for a new career. Given that everyone has enjoyed a little more time at home to contemplate their futures in recent months and years, there’s change afoot in society, with millions leaving their jobs for a new career.

If you’re someone who’s used lockdown isolation to reconsider their career, this article’s for you, showing you three careers that you can move into instantly in order to start earning from different skills in 2022.

1. Property Investment

Property is an excellent path to take for those with a little cash knocking about in their bank accounts or across multiple investments. Many middle-to-high earners have actually been able to save a great deal during the pandemic and have been considering using this cash to generate a passive income while they focus on other passion projects and hobbies in their free time.

If you have enough cash to consider investing in property, you’ll find that the courses offered over at assetacademy.co.uk are perfect for getting you started in property. Your portfolio needn’t involve high-end homes – you can invest, or partially invest, in new-builds or in less valuable properties first, before moving on to rent or sell at a later date. Knowing how to manage these investments is key, which is why it’s well worth signing on to a course before you put your chips down on a property.

2. Freelancing and Consulting

If you’re tired of having to turn up at work at 9 am each day – and sometimes even earlier – then you may prefer a life of freelancing or consulting. In order to do one or both of these jobs, you’re going to need to have a skillset under your belt that you can take to the market, be that experience running a company or skills in writing, design, or video production.

If you’re leaving a career that’s taught you a lot that you can pass on to other companies, this is a fine career change. It’ll help you work on more different projects, broadening your skillset further. You’ll be able to work on your own schedule, with flexible and remote work an option at all times.

3. Gig Work

Finally, if you’re not able to invest in property and you’re unsure that you have the experience to work as a freelancer or consultant, there are a number of “gig work” opportunities that you can take advantage of. These truly are careers you can start today, signing up to be a food delivery driver or a taxi driver straight away.

The good news is that the benefits of these kinds of jobs are multiple. Again, you can work on your own schedule, enjoying increased flexibility. You can pick and choose which gigs are for you so that you get experience in certain sectors. You’re always able to pick up other work in the gig economy or through agencies, to top up your income whenever you wish.

These three career options will suit those who are interested in changing their life’s direction in 2022 – getting started on a new path today.

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