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Essentials for Success: Winning Negotiation Skills and Techniques

What is negotiation? For many, the word will strike up images of wheeler-dealers haggling over second-hand cars or perhaps business bigwigs signing huge…

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Essential Team Leader Skills for Management Success

For some, progression to management is a super quick process whereas, for others, it takes years of hard work. Wherever you are in…

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What Kind of (Football) Manager Are You?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Many of us dreamt of scoring the winning goal in the champions league final, making a match-saving tackle or even just putting on…

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The Generation Gap: Millennials in the Workplace

“I’m a millennial.” But what does that mean? That you’re lazy? Entitled? Spoilt? There have been, over the past few years, many public…

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Attention, Wholesale Professionals: We Can Put You on the Fast Track to Management!

Do you think you have what it takes to be a good manager? Are you ready to lead? Do you love working within…

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3 Management Lessons You Can Learn From Sailing

Our CEO Agnes Butterworth has just returned from a sailing holiday in Croatia and she learnt some lessons along the way. Here's her…

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What is a Profit Share Scheme and Why is it Better than Commission?

Many businesses are now opting for a profit share scheme in place of the traditional commission structure. What is a profit share scheme?…

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A Team that Plays Together Succeeds Together

When you take the time to think about it, the realisation of just how long the majority of us spend with our colleagues…

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Building Client Relationships: 5 Ways to Keep Your Clients Happy

If your company depends on customers or clients, the key to being successful is making sure that you can grow and maintain your…

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Our Business Manager Opportunities Explained

Is it time for a new challenge? We have a range of management roles available throughout the UK for driven and determined electrical…

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The Power of Influence: 6 Tools to Get Anyone to Do Anything

Our Talent Development Manager, Sophie Finlay, looks at Dr. Robert Cialdini's theory The Psychology of Persuasion and shares her top tips on how…

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Attitude Can Make or Break Your Success

We all want success, right? Being able to monitor attitude is a vital step that we can all take towards reaching our full…

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Paving the Way to Leadership: Develop your Skills

Do you feel you have what it takes to be a manager? Have you found it difficult to make the move into leadership?…

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A Good Idea Can Take You Anywhere: Entrepreneurs Whose ‘Light-Bulb Moments’ Paid Off

“The good ideas will survive.” - Quentin Tarantino A Hollywood blockbuster, a classic novel, a Renaissance masterpiece; they all start with one thing…

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Why We Love Lord Sugar – And You Should Too

As The Apprentice celebrates its 10th year on BBC1, we take a look at what makes Lord Alan Sugar such a successful entrepreneur…

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How to Make it: Advice from Rock Star Entrepreneurs

Success: (noun) The accomplishment of an aim or purpose. When it's written plainly, success seems to be quite a simple concept, doesn't it?…

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The Key to Success: Having a Clear Vision

Do you ever wonder how the world's biggest entrepreneurs, successful people like Richard Branson and Bill Gates, manage to achieve so much in…

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Why Emotional Intelligence is a Key Leadership Skill

Having a high degree of emotional intelligence is an important skill for any leader. The ability to understand and manage the emotions of…

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How to be Successful at Work and Have a Fulfilling Personal Life

Successful people who manage to find a rewarding work-life balance are those that know where their work week ends and where their weekend…

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The 6 Distinct Leadership Styles: Which One Are You?

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes. They lead small or large teams and they lead activities in every walk of life. Naturally,…

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