Inclusive Hiring: How To Onboard Immigrant Workers

In today’s globalised world, hiring immigrant workers can bring a wealth of benefits to businesses, from diverse perspectives to unique skills. However, navigating the UK’s immigration system to onboard these talents can be a complex process.

Bringing workers onboard from abroad is easier than you may think, once you understand the role of approved employer sponsors and the importance of legal advice. There is help out there to help you move towards more inclusive hiring practices and cast your net far and wide next time you are searching for talent.

The Role Of Approved Employer Sponsors

In the UK’s new points-based immigration system, the role of approved employer sponsors is pivotal. These sponsors are organisations that have been granted permission by the UK government to hire workers from outside the UK.

If you’re considering hiring skilled immigrant workers, becoming an approved sponsor should be your first step. The job you offer must be at a required skill level of RQF3 or above, equivalent to A-level qualifications. The worker must also be able to speak English and must be paid the relevant salary threshold. This system ensures that only those who meet the UK’s labour market needs are granted visas, making the process more streamlined and efficient for both employers and employees.

The Role of Immigration Lawyers

Understanding and complying with UK immigration law can be a complex task for businesses seeking to hire immigrant workers. This is where the expertise of a legal advisor becomes invaluable. Legal advisors specialising in immigration law can provide guidance on the intricacies of the points-based system, visa application processes, and the responsibilities of being an approved employer sponsor.

Kadmos Consultants are lawyers who can offer immigration advice to employers and help prepare your applicants for the process, ensuring they meet all the necessary criteria. Engaging a legal advisor not only helps you navigate the legal landscape with confidence but also ensures that your business remains compliant with all immigration regulations, thereby avoiding potential penalties and safeguarding your company’s reputation.

The Role Of Employers

If you are an employer in the UK hiring from outside the UK, it’s your responsibility to verify the immigration status of your employees. This is crucial in ensuring your business complies with UK immigration laws and avoids potential penalties. For EU, EEA, and Swiss citizens, an online service is available to view and prove their immigration status.

Non-EU citizens can use a physical document or, if they have a valid Biometric Residence Permit or status granted under the EU Settlement Scheme. The UK government provides guidance for employers on how to carry out these checks effectively. By understanding and implementing these procedures, you can ensure your business operates within the legal framework while supporting your immigrant employees throughout their employment journey.

Working through the UK’s immigration system to hire skilled immigrant workers can be a complex process, but with the right tools and understanding, it’s entirely achievable. From becoming an approved employer sponsor to understanding the points-based system, and from seeking legal advice to verifying immigration status, each step is crucial in building a diverse and skilled workforce.

By staying informed and proactive, businesses can not only enrich their teams with global talent but also contribute positively to the UK’s economy. Remember, the strength of a nation lies in its diversity, and inclusive hiring is a powerful way to harness that strength.

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