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Bridgewater Recruitment Group have been recruiting high-calibre graduate and professional candidates for over a decade. With our range of recruitment services, experienced Consultants and vast talent-network, we can help you find individuals who will shape the future of your business.
Recruitment Services
Discover the best service for your recruitment needs.

Creating a targeted recruitment campaign that promotes your opportunities to a vast audience. We'll manage the entire recruitment process and find your next hire.

Providing applications through our online graduate network. We'll advertise your opportunities and boost your employer brand for a one-off fee.

What Our Clients Say
“Recruitment can be very time-consuming, combined with an element of risk as the decision you make has to be the right one. Over the years I have used various agencies who have a tendency to bombard you with quantity not quality making it a stressful process. Finding Bridgewater was a breath of fresh air for me. They screen candidates with the mentality “if it was my business would I employ this person?” Only if the answer is yes would they be sent for interview. I have used Bridgewater for the past 2 years and the only problem I come up against is having to decide which candidate I should take on as the standard is that high and I haven’t got enough roles to fill! Thank you, you have been a godsend!”
Camilla, Sales Manager
“Using Bridgewater Resources has proved to be mutually beneficial. They took the time to understand our unique business model and appreciated that we sought the highest possible calibre of individuals. Regular updates allowed adjustments to be made to adverts, ensuring the right type of individuals applied. The individuals we took on are now proving to be valuable additions to our business and I would definitely use Bridgewater again in the future.”
Russ, Internal Audit Manager
"Bridgewater have the ability to exactly match the attributes we are looking for in a candidate. Their hit rate is outstanding often supplying two or three candidates for the same role giving me the welcome headache of having to select only one."
Rob, Regional Director
“I have worked with Bridgewater Resources for over 3 years now and on a number of assignments. Bridgewater are professional, resourceful and reliable. They really understand our business, the type of people we look for and our recruitment process. If my Consultant presents a candidate to me, I know that they would have already pre-screened that person and would not bring them to my attention unless they were sure that candidate would be a good fit. It is therefore no coincidence that every recruit I have had through Bridgewater has performed exceptionally well in our business.”
Leo, Financial Controller
“The candidates that Bridgewater have placed with us are all very settled, learning fast and genuinely contributing to the business. I am 100% happy with the quality of the candidates that we have taken on and I am very hopeful that all of them will have long and successful careers with the company. Thank you and we will definitely come back to you when we recruit again.”
Joe, Branch Manager
If you’re considering whether hiring graduates is the right route for you, we may be able to convince you. Read on to discover eight benefits of hiring graduates.
For new graduate hires who are just getting started with their career after university, starting a new job can be nerve-wracking and overwhelming. If you’re introducing new graduates to your business, here are a few key ideas to consider.
Are you interested in hiring graduates for your business in 2019? In our whitepaper we’ll take a closer look at whether hiring graduate trainees is the right option for you and how you can successfully attract and retain graduate talent.
Looking for a new job can be a process that drags on, however new research has revealed that today’s candidates expect either a job offer or a rejection within a mere week. What does this mean for employers and recruiters?
Recruiting high-calibre graduates is on the agenda for many growing businesses who want enthusiastic trainees to buy into their company vision and make an impact. However, once you’ve overcome the challenge of recruiting graduate talent,, the next challenge is ensuring they stick with your business.

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