The Importance of Inductions for Your New Graduate Hires

We’ve all experienced first-day nerves but sometimes we forget what it feels like to come into a new environment. For new graduate hires who are just getting started with their career after university, starting a new job can be nerve-wracking and overwhelming. However, not all employers have an induction in place for graduates and this can be damaging to their retention.

Not preparing an induction for your new graduates’ first day can make your business look unprofessional. You’ve put lots of effort into the recruitment process and hiring the right person, but if this effort doesn’t continue when they start then you will struggle to build an effective employer-employee relationship.

If you’re introducing new graduates to your business, here are a few key ideas to consider.

Inductions should start before their start date

While day 1 on the job is important, you should start your graduate inductions even earlier than this. After the offer stage, candidates should still be well-informed and kept “warm”.

Think about what information you can give them before their first day. If you take on a number of new starters, can you set them up with a Facebook or LinkedIn group so they can communicate before they start? If you can keep graduates engaged and excited before their start date, you will establish a better relationship with them and reduce the chances of them going back on their offer in favour of another opportunity.

Telling the story of your business

A great way to engage new graduate starters is to bring your company to life with anecdotes, quirky facts and milestones. If they understand the company’s journey and have heard about how others like them have progressed, they will buy into the business.

Preparing social activities

While you will have prepared training sessions and tasks for your new hires, social activities are the key to making them feel included. Try arranging a relaxed lunchtime or evening activity where your new graduate can get to know the rest of the team.

Letting them know your plans

Graduates are keen to learn, and the vast majority want to know how they will progress with the business. Let them know early on what your plan is for their progression, timescales and what they will need to achieve along the way. This should match up with what they want from their career and with a shared vision and clear goals along the way you will both achieve more.

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