How to Make the Most of the Growing Demand for Outdoor Lighting

When spring and summer come around, many homeowners aim to improve their outdoor space to make the most of the warmer weather. Isn’t it a British tradition to get the barbecue going at the first inkling of sunshine?

After a wet and cold winter, we deserve to make the most of the outdoors in the summer, but usually, our gardens will need a bit of work first. Garden centres are thriving with customers looking to add some colour and a new lease of life to their gardens and installers and wholesalers have a perfect opportunity to up-sell outdoor electrical solutions.

Indeed, our outdoor spaces have become more of an extension of our homes and we use them to both entertain and relax. As the leisure time we spend outside has increased, so too has the demand for outdoor power.

It’s not just the lawnmower that requires electricity these days. We have water features and ponds, multi-purpose sheds, electric gates and garage doors and even hot tubs. While it may be a while off yet, let’s not forget about the Christmas lights either!

Talking of Christmas lights, outdoor lighting can improve outdoor space all year round with a whole host of benefits that customers should be aware of.

1. It increases the usability of outdoor space

With outdoor lighting in place, you can use your garden for longer and continue to entertain even after the sun goes down. It’s a must-have for warm evenings and the right lighting can set the tone for a fantastic barbecue.

2. Greater security and safety

Security lighting with movement sensors will make it very difficult for thieves to break in without being seen. Not only will outdoor lighting deter burglars, but it will also help you and your visitors to avoid accidents in the dark.

3. Show off your garden’s best assets

Outdoor lighting is a great way to accentuate garden features such as landscaped areas or water features. You can also go for coloured lighting options to give your garden that extra something.

4. Make your property more appealing

Some good outdoor lighting choices can make your home look more stylish and inviting.

5. Improve sale appeal

Tech-savvy house hunters are looking for homes that have the latest technology, exterior lighting and time-saving electrical devices. Having this tech installed can make a house more appealing and easier to sell.

Bringing it all together

There’s a vast range of outdoor lighting products on offer and making the right choice is key. To create atmosphere and illumination, lighting sources should ideally be hidden. Plus, you have PIR sensors (movement detection) and photocell sensors that cause lights to turn on at dusk and off at dawn to consider. You’ll also want to ensure that products can withstand various weather environments.

For electrical wholesalers and suppliers to make the most of this thriving market, they’ll need to choose their products wisely, know the benefits and make the most of upsell opportunities.

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