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Working for a Large Company vs. Working for a Small Company: The Pros and Cons

When you’re planning your next career move, there are lots of things you need to weigh up: the industry, your salary expectations, what…

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Bridgewater Employee Rewards and Awards – July

We’ve been celebrating again here at Bridgewater HQ! Our team all work extremely hard and we like to make sure that everyone’s achievements…

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A Counter Offer from Your Current Employer: Should You Stay or Should You Go?

You know when you’re good at what you do. It’s nothing to do with being cocky or big-headed, if you bring noticeable results,…

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Work Perks that Help Attract and Retain Employees

In the middle of the last century, once you got a job, what happened to you was pretty predictable. You’d get a salary,…

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Graduate Sales Jobs: Decoding the Good from the Bad

A career in sales could offer you everything you want from a graduate job. Competitive salaries, perks and bonuses, daily challenges and the…

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Graduates Beware of Hoax Hirers

Last week The Mirror reported that job seekers were being targeted by fraudsters who were ripping them off with fake criminal background checks.…

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Make it Personal: Why You Should Tailor Every Job Application

Job hunting can take a while – you need to navigate your way through hundreds of adverts and send out A LOT of…

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Reading Between the Lines: Analysing Job Ads to Boost Your Application

We all have our own little ways of doing things. The jury will always be out on whether it's milk before water or…

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What’s the Average Salary in your Region?

Does where you live have an impact on your earning potential? The simple answer is yes. Based on a sample of 1.7 million…

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