Make it Personal: Why You Should Tailor Every Job Application

Job hunting can take a while – you need to navigate your way through hundreds of adverts and send out A LOT of applications. Of course, it’s all worth it in the end, it’s not just a case of finding any old job, you need to make sure that you’re the right fit for the job, but also that the job is the right fit for you. So, it’s understandable that it’s not going to happen overnight! What you can do is to make sure that every single job application you submit is as effective as it can be. Consider an application to be like a suit: which is going to be better, off the rail or tailored?

The key to job hunt success is to make sure that you put in the right amount of time, effort and perseverance. While your enthusiasm may wane after sending off what feels like your millionth application, don’t be tempted to fall into the trap that can be the downfall of many a keen (but ever so slightly fed up) job seeker. That trap is sending out generic, identical applications; it may seem like an efficient, time-saving way of doing things, but submitting the same CV, cover letter and/or application responses for every role could really harm your chances of getting the job.

Here are just a few reasons why you should tailor your applications.

1. It’s obvious when you haven’t

Come on, this isn’t our first time at the rodeo! Recruiters and employers are used to sifting through CVs and applications, and we’ve seen everything before. So, you may think that you’ve got away with going on a copying and pasting spree, but don’t be too sure that you’ve pulled the wool over the reader’s eyes.

2. You want them to read it, don’t you?

This is your first opportunity to make your potential employer buy into you. A boring, generic CV full of all the clichés they’ve read a hundred times is not only unlikely to impress them, but you may also run the risk of them skim reading a few lines before resigning it to the recycle bin. A tailored CV or application, that has clearly had some thought and effort go into it, has a better chance of catching their attention.

3. You’ll only apply to suitable roles

If all you’ve got to do is copy and paste, submitting an application is no biggie. Before you know it, you’ll be applying to all sorts of roles because you “may as well”. So even if you land a job surprisingly quickly this way, it’s possible you’ll end up in a role that isn’t right for you or in a company with a high staff-turnover that just need ‘bums on seats’. If you take the time to adjust your CV to each role, you’ll find yourself being more selective.

4. Employers are passionate about their businesses

We all worked hard to get where we are in our careers, and the company we work for can become a huge part of your life. The person who reads your application doesn’t want to hire just anyone who wants any job in any company, they want to see that you really want to join them specifically. Tailoring your application gives you a golden opportunity to demonstrate this.

5. It says a lot about you

Remember that a recruiter will be trying to glean as much information about you as possible from your application. So, if you tailor your application, they’ll see that you’re willing to put the effort in, will go above and beyond, and that you’re already enthusiastic about the role. Whereas, a generic application can imply that you’re likely to cut corners or do the bare minimum to get by.

There are numerous other reasons as to why you should only be sending tailored applications, cover letters and CVs to employers, however the overall message is this: if you do, your application is much more likely to be successful.

Once you get into the swing of it, it’s not so difficult. There’s nothing wrong with having a master copy of your CV that you amend to suit each role, a list of application responses that you can tweak each time and a template cover letter you can use with blanks to fill in whenever you copy and paste it. The job boffins at Career Experts have some great advice you can follow when it comes to tailoring your CV, too – take a look here.

Tailoring your job applications is a really good habit to get into when you’re looking for a new role, employing this technique could set your application apart from the sea of generic applications, giving you a better chance of the job being yours!

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