Graduates Beware of Hoax Hirers

Last week The Mirror reported that job seekers were being targeted by fraudsters who were ripping them off with fake criminal background checks.

Some people paid as much as £300 for fake criminal background checks even though there was no hope of a job at the end of it.

Fraudsters lured unsuspecting job seekers in by using the names and details of real companies. After sparking their interest in a fake job, candidates were asked to pay an upfront fee for a background check.

If you’re currently on the hunt for a graduate job, do make sure that you conduct your job search with some caution.

1. You should never have to pay for anything upfront

The cost of any tests or checks that are required as part of the recruitment process will be covered by the employer. The only things you may have to splash out on during your job search is a swanky interview outfit and travelling to interviews (although some companies do cover your travel expenses if you are coming from far away).

2. You should assess every opportunity carefully

Looking for a graduate job isn’t easy and after a few hours of hunting, reading adverts and writing applications, it can be tempting to start firing out your CV in response to anything that looks half-decent.

When conducting your graduate job search quality is definitely more important than quantity. You should be submitted high-quality applications for high-quality opportunities.

You should carefully assess every opportunity by researching the company and weighing up the salary, training, benefits and career progression potential.

3. If you’re unsure – do some digging

If you have any questions or worries about a role, don’t be afraid to get in touch with the employer or recruiter. Give them a call to clarify any question marks. If you’re still unsure, or something doesn’t sound right then it’s better to give the opportunity a miss.

Do be aware that some recruitment companies are required to maintain a level of confidentiality when it comes to their clients. It’s perfectly normal for them to not state the name of the business they are recruiting for in their job adverts.

Fake adverts and job seeker scams aren’t very common, so you don’t need to worry too much when looking for a graduate role. It is however, always advisable to exercise some caution when applying for roles. It’s not just scamming you need to watch out for, but low-quality roles with no career progression.

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