Work Perks that Help Attract and Retain Employees

In the middle of the last century, once you got a job, what happened to you was pretty predictable. You’d get a salary, probably regular pay increases, and gradually earn more vacation time with years spent on the job. It was cut and dried and not really subject to variability.

However today the workplace is much more understanding and flexible when it comes to work-life balance and lifestyle needs. Plenty of families now have two working parents and technology has enabled workers to do what needs to be done remotely—even from across the globe.

What that has meant for companies is that offering the old standard—income, raises, vacation—isn’t going to work anymore. Employees are asking for an increasingly diverse set of perks, and knowing what’s on their minds can help companies retain a talented workforce. What’s key is that non-traditional offerings appeal to about 80 percent of adults working today.

The search for work-life balance is a huge influence on the perks that employees hope to obtain. Nearly half of all employees say the ability to have family leave—for men and women or for adoption, too – is important for them. Employees are also searching for the ability to work wherever they want, and whenever they want, sometimes outside the restraints of a typical schedule.

What employees look for from a company also varies based on how old they are. Work flexibility becomes more important the older we get, while obligations such as help with student loans more important for recent graduates.

Whatever your industry, the preferences of employees can help you create a working environment that attracts and retains the best of the best. The information in this graphic can help.

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