Bridgewater Employee Rewards and Awards – July

We’ve been celebrating again here at Bridgewater HQ!

Our team all work extremely hard and we like to make sure that everyone’s achievements are recognised. One way we do this is through our awards programme; every month the team nominate who they think deserves the coveted accolade of ‘Employee of the Month’. In addition to this, one person on each team is selected as part of our ‘Best of Bridgewater’ initiative on a monthly basis by the management team, to thank them for all their hard work!

The awards take place during our monthly inter-departmental meetings so everyone can celebrate together. Let’s take a look at our winners for July.

Employee of the Month – Tom Ferrington

Tom ferringtonThe praise has been flooding in for Tom, one of our Recruitment Consultants within the Professionals Division. Not only has he made a significant amount of placements, but he has taken on other responsibilities such as: mentoring colleagues, working with the Marketing Team to rebrand our Professionals online portal and contributing to changes in our LinkedIn presence.

Tom is really “chuffed” with his award and says: “I’m really flattered to have been chosen for the Employee of the Month award – thank you everyone for your votes!”

For his reward, Tom has asked for an Amazon voucher and, as a dad-to-be, is under strict instruction from everyone to treat himself (not the baby!).

Best of Bridgewater

Graduates Division – Danielle Miller

3Danielle has shown real tenacity and resilience, and has brought about some great initiatives and placements as a result of this. Despite a few setbacks, Danielle has not given up and has truly proven herself to be an asset, not just to her division, but to the company as a whole.

The new methods she has introduced to help us attract high-calibre candidates will undoubtedly benefit every Consultant in the business and Danielle continues to have a sustained impact on the success of the Graduates Division.

Professionals Division – Tom Ferrington

No, we’ve not made a mistake – Tom is the proud winner of Bridgewater’s first double award! Not only did his colleagues notice all of his efforts, but he also impressed the Management Team, too.

“Tom has a really positive influence on the entire team, brings some great results and is always forthcoming with new ideas. This award is well deserved. Congratulations, Tom!” – Agnes Butterworth, CEO of Bridgewater Group.

Business Systems Team – Jenny Tait

2Jenny has worked her socks off over the last few weeks! Our Marketing Coordinator has really gone above and beyond the call of duty by project managing Bridgewater’s extremely important IT overhaul from start to finish. She has been giving our website a complete makeover, working on integrating our website with our online advertising platform and she has been overseeing our transition to a brand new state of the art CRM software.

Working with various Web Developers and IT issues didn’t phase Jenny one bit; she stayed focused and kept everyone in the loop the whole time. All her hard work will revolutionise day-to-day life at Head Office, so it’s safe to say that she definitely earned this award!

Congratulations to all of our winners and keep up all the hard work!

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