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Why Job Seekers Need to be More Visible on Social Media

Job seekers are often reminded about how damaging their social media can be. When you apply for a job employers and recruiters will…

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5 Top Tips for Cooking in a Hurry

We all know the feeling - the day flashed by in a blur of phone calls, reports and emails and by the time…

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Work-Life Balance: Who Has It and How To Achieve It

Finding your work-life balance can be a challenge, but do some people have it easier than others? A recent study by Captivate highlights…

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Does the Work-Life Balance Exist?

The boundaries between our work and personal lives are becoming more and more blurred. With our advanced technology setting us up to be…

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Why Emotional Intelligence is a Key Leadership Skill

Having a high degree of emotional intelligence is an important skill for any leader. The ability to understand and manage the emotions of…

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How to be Successful at Work and Have a Fulfilling Personal Life

Successful people who manage to find a rewarding work-life balance are those that know where their work week ends and where their weekend…

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A Week in the Life of a Senior Consultant in the Bridgewater Graduates Division

Danielle has documented her working-week as a Bridgewater Recruitment Consultant. Find out what her days look like and what she gets up to:…

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The 6 Distinct Leadership Styles: Which One Are You?

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes. They lead small or large teams and they lead activities in every walk of life. Naturally,…

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Is Recruitment the Career for You?

A career in recruitment does not often appear at the top of many graduates' dream job list. It is not a career that…

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How to Pick Your Graduate Career

Choosing which career path you want to take after completing your degree can be challenging and daunting. If you don't even know where…

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