A Week in the Life of a Senior Consultant in the Bridgewater Graduates Division

Danielle has documented her working-week as a Bridgewater Recruitment Consultant. Find out what her days look like and what she gets up to:




A new week begins and I already have a lot planned for the week ahead. I have eager candidates to contact, some potential job offers coming in (hopefully!) and interviews to arrange. I am also looking forward to a bike ride later in the week, Bridgewater’s team building activity for this month!

After catching up with my emails, I am keen to start planning my trips so I can meet with new candidates face-to-face and tell them about the fantastic opportunities and the great clients we work with. I get to work reviewing the applications and CVs we have received over the weekend and I soon have a shortlist of great candidates to call.

The afternoon fast approaches and Nottingham is looking like a good option for a trip this week. I have already spoken with some promising graduates and I am keen to meet with them as soon as possible.

Before I know it it’s 5:00 pm! The days often fly by at Bridgewater. I can already tell that this week is going to keep me very busy – just the way I like it!


Nottingham is still looking good and I have decided that I will definitely be going there on Thursday. I set about calling more candidates and get the best ones booked in. I have four people so far and it’s shaping up to be a good trip!

Meeting with the candidates in person is definitely one of my favourite parts of the job. You can really get to know and understand someone much better when you meet with them face-to-face, rather than simply relying on a phone call. After all, these opportunities could potentially shape someone’s future career so I want to make sure that the role is right for them and vice versa.

In the afternoon, I receive some good news! One of my candidates has been invited to a final interview on Friday and he is thrilled. I know how much this opportunity means to him and I’m feeling confident that he will be able to shine, so fingers crossed he will be offered the position.


It’s Wednesday already! I need to finalise my plans for tomorrow and liaise with clients to arrange interviews for some of my other candidates who are in the pipeline.

It is part of Bridgewater’s policy to ensure that our candidates are regularly updated and supported at every stage in the process. I catch up with a few of my candidates to update them on their progress and prepare them for the next step in their application.

It’s 4:00 pm and time for a catch up with my assistant, Ria. I keep her informed of my plans for the week and explain what will need looking after while I am out of the office tomorrow. We then get down to business and discuss the all-important issue of what to wear on the bike ride!


It’s a slightly earlier start this morning as I’m on my way to Nottingham. I’m excited by the thought that today I will be helping graduates on their journey to discover their future career path.

With three interviews down and three to go, I have time to quickly check in with my candidate before his final interview tomorrow. We talk through what to expect, but he has done plenty of research and is prepared to impress the client with his enthusiasm and confidence.

The end of the day draws near and it has been a long one! The early start was definitely worth it as I have met with some fantastic candidates. I can’t wait to put them forward to our clients and get the ball rolling!

Before I switch off and look forward to the bike ride tomorrow, I notice an email from the office – “Bridgewater Bake Off!”. What a great idea! I quickly send a response confirming my participation and offer my services as a taste tester.


It’s Friday! I am really excited to meet with the team for our Bridgewater Bike Ride – I’m trying to remember when the last time I rode a bike actually was…

We meet at the bike hire shop and set off down the River Mersey and it is a beautiful day. The sun is shining, birds are singing and bums are aching, but it is all part of the fun!Bridgewater-bikeride

We stop off at a lovely riverside pub for lunch and I tuck into a pulled pork sandwich, yum!

After lunch, it’s time to turn around and cycle back home. We chat all the way, catching up on the week’s events and discussing what everyone has planned for the weekend.

As expected, it has been a busy week but all the hard work has paid off as I have just received confirmation that my candidate was offered the job! Fantastic news and a great way to end the week hearing how grateful the candidate is for all my help and support.

Roll on the weekend!

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