Work-Life Balance: Who Has It and How To Achieve It

Finding your work-life balance can be a challenge, but do some people have it easier than others?

A recent study by Captivate highlights that men are consistently happier than women both at home and at work. 75% of the men questioned were happy with their work-life balance, in comparison to 70% of women who were happy with theirs. But what causes this gender split?

The results of the survey suggest that one reason why women are less happy with their work-life balance than men, is because they take less time for themselves to just relax. Men are also 25% more likely to take breaks for personal activities. This could be due to the fact that women generally take the lead in daily chores and, therefore, do not have as much leisure time as their male counterparts.

If you’re looking to improve your work life balance here’s how others achieve it:

  • 97% take vacations
  • 89% leave work at a reasonable hour
  • 68% take breaks during the work day

For more details about who has the work-life balance and how they achieve it, see the infographic in full below:


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