How to Land Your Next Role with 2020 Job Searching Trends

Will you be looking for a new role this year? Whether you’re just starting out in your career, looking to progress or simply fancy a new challenge, reading up on the latest job searching trends will help you find the job you want.

Let’s take a look.

Mobile job searching

Most of us spend a couple of hours every day on our phones browsing social media and other apps. It’s unsurprising, therefore, that more and more job seekers are using their phones to search and apply for jobs.

Most market-leading job sites have released job searching apps to make the process quick and easy for job seekers on the go.

Warning: While these apps make searching and applying for jobs very simple, don’t be tempted to use them to fire off a generic CV to loads of employers. It’s still important to tailor your CV to every role and to dedicate time to your job applications.

The importance of personality

Your skills and experience are still extremely important; however, more employers are also focusing on personality. Personality tests have become an integral part of many recruitment processes so you shouldn’t be surprised if you are asked to complete one.

While it may be tempting to guess what employers are looking for, it’s always better to be honest when completing personality tests. Employers will be looking for someone who is a natural fit for their role and who will also suit their team and company culture. If you skew your test, you could end up in a role that you do not enjoy within a company that simply isn’t a good fit for you.

Don’t be afraid to put some of your personality across in your CV. The hobbies and interests’ section is a perfect place to do this.

Building a personal brand

In the digital age, it’s easier than ever to showcase your work, achievements and professionalism online. This can set you apart from other candidates when applying for positions. You can:

  • Showcase yourself with an excellent LinkedIn profile
  • Set up a blog that showcases your industry expertise/work
  • Ensure your online presence is professional by making your personal social media channels private
  • Use a professional Twitter account to interact with industry updates and influencers

Timing it right

If you are looking to move roles, there are generally fewer people applying in the first half of the year. The summer holiday season is also a quieter time as many enjoy their holidays and return to job searching in September. You can take advantage of having less competition by getting your applications in during these periods.

We hope these trends will enable you to enhance your job searching this year and good luck!

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