Video Interview Tips: Smile for the Camera!

We’ve gone digital! The world is now more internet-centric than ever before, with apps for everything from hailing a cab to helping pick an excuse for cancelling plans. Being online is now part of everyone’s day-to-day life; it’s even essential to finding a job. You look for jobs online, email potential employers regarding your application and now you can even have an interview via the magic of the internet. So, if you’re looking for video interview tips, look no further!

Hiring managers and potential employers are choosing to include video interviews as part of their hiring process as they’re easy to organise and can be more flexible to accommodate the busy schedules of both themselves and the job seeker.

While online interviews may be new to you, they’re fast becoming the norm and we’ve put together some video interview tips to help you impress.

Video interview tips – types of video interview

Live interviews

There is more than one format a video interview can take. The first being live interviews via video calling software such as Skype. This is very much like a regular face-to-face interview, apart from the fact that you are not sat in the same room as your interviewer(s). (Think of it as a halfway point between a telephone interview and a face-to-face one!) Live video interviews are probably the most common type.

Pre-recorded interviews

The second variety of video interview that you may encounter, although they tend to be less common, is a pre-recorded interview. This is where you are presented with questions you need to respond to via video that is then saved and submitted. These are a little different as you’re not speaking directly to another person.

Whichever format you are presented with, you should bear the following video interview tips in mind.

Treat it like any other job interview

This is something that every job hunter should have at the front of their mind. Just because you’ll be sat in your living room when you do it, doesn’t mean that you should take a video interview any less seriously.

Treat it as you would a standard face-to-face interview process. Which means that you should prepare thoroughly, conduct research, be professional and dress smartly. First impressions always count, even on a video call, so don’t leave anything to chance.

Do a test run

You should always practice before any interview. However, when you add computers into the mix, there’s a lot more that could go wrong. Therefore, it’s best to do a test run, that way you can head off any issues before your interview.

Before your interview, you should check:

• Your internet connection – make sure that it works properly in your chosen room
• That your username/profile is appropriate
• The angle of your webcam – your camera should be at eye level, but not too close
• Is your microphone working?
• That your speakers are working

To help you to wow your interviewer, you could even get someone you know to do a mock interview via video call. This should help to ease your nerves, too. If you’re new to the video calling platform, set up your account then call friends or relatives, so you get the hang of using it.

Think about your surroundings

Remember, it’s essential to present yourself as a professional during a video interview. So, when you’re doing your test run, it’s advisable to take this time to have a look at what the interviewers will see whilst speaking with you or reviewing your recording. A messy room, inappropriate posters or wall art, or anything else that could raise questions needs to be out of shot.

Other things to consider are the light and noise levels in the room; if the interviewer can’t see or hear you properly, it’ll be hard to knock their socks off!

No distractions

Blaring TVs, loud relatives or housemates, barking dogs – these are all part of home life for most of us. However, these don’t exactly lend themselves to an interview setting. It’s important to make sure that you won’t be distracted or interrupted during your video interview.

Ensure that you will be in a quiet space before your interview, turn off the TV, put your phone out of reach and show your interviewer that you’re paying attention.

Mind your body language

Your interviewer can see you, so your body language is still important during a video interview. No slouching at your desk, try to convey open and confident body language. Eye contact should be maintained, too; although this will be a little different in that you will need to look at the camera instead of the screen. Don’t forget to smile!

Speak up

Despite technological advances, the sound of video calls isn’t always brilliant. So, while you won’t need to shout, be sure to speak clearly and loudly enough so that the interviewer can understand you.


See, with these video interview tips, you have nothing to worry about. You’ll be a video interview whizz in no time. Now go and enjoy your moment in the spotlight!

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