Smart Lighting: Get Switched On

Our Recruitment Manager, James Downing, explores how smart lighting is having an impact on the electrical wholesale market.

Smart technology is weaving its way into all aspects of our lives and as the nights get longer for the winter, it’s smart lighting’s time to shine.

Smart lighting, like many other smart products, is no longer a luxury reserved for the wealthy. The wider market is now becoming accustomed to using digital technology to control the environment around them.

Now is the perfect time for installers to introduce affordable, easy to install smart lighting that offers consumers great functionality and flexibility.

The benefits of smart lighting

There are many benefits to installing smart lighting, including:

  • Reducing energy usage and carbon footprint
  • Saving on costs
  • Being able to adapt lighting to be more aesthetically pleasing e.g. via dimming
  • Conveniently controlling lighting e.g. from a phone
  • Increasing security by mimicking home occupancy

A huge opportunity for wholesalers

The International Energy Agency estimates that up to 82% of energy efficient measures remain untapped in buildings today. Smart lighting can make a huge impact in improving energy efficiency and cutting costs for homes and businesses.

We’re expecting to see the smart lighting market grow significantly over the next decade and both commercial and domestic buildings see the benefits of installation.

Delivering expertise

For wholesalers to capitalise on this market, it’s important to promote the benefits of smart lighting. They’ll be plenty of products on the market and the wholesalers’ job will be to identify those that are reliable and add the most value while still being affordable.

As contractors and consumers try to keep up with the ever-changing technologies available in the lighting market, they’ll be looking to the expertise of wholesalers to advise them. Strong relationships with manufacturers and ensuring your sales team are up-to-date on the latest developments will put you in a prime position to capitalise on this exciting market.

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