Going Home for Christmas: Expectation Vs. Reality

It’s the Christmas holidays, yippee! However, going home from university for Christmas isn’t always a great as you expect it to be…

Expectation: You’re looking forward to seeing your “home” friends and doing lots of Christmasy activities with them.

Reality: No one is free on the same day and you successfully see no one.

Expectation: A whole month off uni with no work to do!

Reality: Assignments to write and revision to complete for those dreaded January exams.

Expectation: Your parents will be so happy to have you home you’ll be treated like royalty for the entire Christmas break.

Reality: You get given house chores.

Expectation: You can’t wait to see your dog’s reaction to you arriving home – they’re going to be so excited!

Reality: Your dog doesn’t remember who you are.

Expectation: You’ll really enjoy spending time with your family again.

Reality: Your family will bombard you with questions about your love life and life plans after uni.

Expectation: You’ll buy everyone great presents.

Reality: You have no money to buy any presents.

Expectation: You can put up all your decorations just like you did when you were a child.

Reality: They put the decorations up without you before you got home.

Expectation: You’re going to enjoy all those home comforts that you don’t have at uni.

Reality: You remember why you didn’t like living at home and immediately miss your independence.

Expectation: You’ll return to uni feeling refreshed and ready to hit the ground running.

Reality: You won’t be ready to go back – Christmas was over too soon!

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