Will the Rise in Crime Demand More from the Security Systems Market?

Winter is definitely here which means longer nights and more opportunity for domestic burglaries and vehicle theft to take place under the cover of darkness. For wholesalers, providing, maintaining and updating security systems is critical at this time of year.

Crime is rising

Home and business owners should be more inclined to protect their properties this year given the sharp increase in crime reported by the Office for National Statistics. They found that the total number of crimes reported to and recorded by UK police rose by 10% between April 2016 and March 2017 to almost six million. Worryingly, this is the biggest rise in crime that has been reported in the last 10 years.

During this 12-month period, it is reported that over 650,000 domestic burglaries and 790,000 vehicle thefts took place. These worrying statistics are likely to galvanise home and business owners into increasing their property security.

Opportunities for wholesalers

Some property owners may be starting from scratch with installing a security system, whereas others may simply need to upgrade their systems and replace damaged equipment. Wholesalers should be ready to meet these demands with high-quality and affordable products such as;

  • Security LED floodlighting. This is a simple, easy to install option for those with no current security systems. A security floodlight system paired with a simple camera is an effective deterrent that removes the cover of darkness.
  • Wire-free external area protection system. CCTV cameras will digitally transmit to an indoor monitor and record footage on an SD card. There are options to record continuously or be triggered by screen movement.
  • AHD (Analogue high Definition) CCTV systems. CCTV systems are rapidly improving, and property owners may be looking to upgrade their systems to HD. In too many cases, the image quality of older systems is so poor that police are unable to use them to help convict criminals. AHD technology can transmit full 720P and 180P HD videos.
  • Remote monitoring. The vast majority of us are accompanied by our smartphone wherever we go, and consumers want to be able to remotely monitor numerous home systems from their phone. There are a number of wire-free CCTV kits that make this possible through the use of an App.

Keeping up with technology

The key thing for wholesalers is to keep up to date with the latest developments in security products. With this knowledge and expertise, wholesalers can make the most of their relationships and advise contractors on the best solutions and products for them.

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