Why Ventilation is More Important Than Ever

Our Recruitment Manager, James Downing, shares his insights into the current ventilation market.

Electrical wholesalers and installers have seen a big shift in the ventilation industry over the last few years.

Air pollution is high on the government’s agenda and their targets are to reduce carbon emissions by 35% by 2020 and 80% by 2050 to improve air quality.

However, while outdoor air pollution is in the spotlight, what could be even more damaging to our health is air quality inside our own homes and offices. If we’re looking to improve the air quality that we all breath, we should be looking at installing ventilation systems.

Why ventilation is more important than ever

More and more new homes and buildings are being built in a way to achieve the Passivhaus standard. This means excellent thermal performance and exceptional airtightness – great for lowering the cost of energy bills and our environment, right?

While using less energy does mean lower carbon emissions, the air inside our homes could be getting worse. The exceptional airtightness means that less stale air can escape, and less fresh air can get in. Without effective mechanical ventilation systems, indoor air pollutants will build up and have a negative impact on our health.

Manufacturers are stepping up

The good news is that manufacturers are more than ready to tackle this challenge and are offering products that prevent air pollutants from amassing inside.

They offer extraction systems such as glass, panel, roof and wall fans and well as whole-house ventilation systems such as MEV (Mechanical Extraction Ventilation) and MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery), which are more efficient than intermittent fans.

We shouldn’t be overlooking the effectiveness of single room ventilation systems either. These are cost effective and certainly do the job of preventing stale air, and damp

Combatting noise

One of the main problems that homeowners see in ventilation systems is noise. Most of us would prefer not to have homes near noisy roads and train lines, so why would we want an annoying mechanical noise inside?

There are now products such as Xpelair’s Simply Silent range that have the unique selling point of being (as the name suggests) very near silent.

In a market with so many products available, it’s important to distinguish the key elements that set each solution apart and to convey this to customers.

Bringing it all together

We’ve still got a long way to go to hit government targets to decrease carbon emissions and improve our air quality. We will be continually improving building regulations and standards to get there which gives those operating in the ventilation market a big opportunity. Make sure that you’re leading the way with innovative and sophisticated solutions.

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