How to Win the Loyalty of Your Customers

How many customers do you see flitting between different electrical wholesalers always chasing the best deal or price? Where there are plenty of competitors down the road and online sites taking a bite out of the market, it can be challenging to keep the loyalty of your customers.

Why should they give you their loyalty in the first place?

Keeping prices low is a constant pressure that customers demand, however, continuing to lower prices means lower margins and you don’t want to lose control of how you’re running your business.

Where customer loyalty is really won or lost is with customer service. What kind of experience are you providing your customer with when they buy from you. I’m not just talking about being friendly and polite, it’s about a lot more than that.

Your customer service strategy

A clear customer service strategy should be in place and followed by every team member in your business, from the delivery driver all the way up to profit centre manager and managing directors.

You should be consistently striving to improve your customers’ experience to ensure that the success of your business isn’t ruled by low prices, but long-term relationships. While low prices and good deals are great, what’s more important is the people in your organisation and your customer service strategy. This is what will really set you apart from your competition.

Think about when you buy clothes. For a time, you may make a few purchases in a shop where things are cheaper. But then you start to find that the quality isn’t great, things don’t fit well and they don’t last very long. You think next time, you’d rather spend more money in the first place to get a better product/service.

The importance of your people

Your team are the face of your company and what the customer thinks of them will also be what they think of the company. Are your sales and support teams ready to deliver your vision and company values?

It’s extremely important to ensure that your team are well-trained and properly managed and motivated. If they’re not, the customer service that they deliver and your business’ reputation may be at stake.

The best product you can deliver your customers is excellent customer service and if you persistently strive to maintain and improve high standards, your competitors will struggle to tempt your customers away.

If you need help finding customer-focused salespeople and effective managers that can deliver an excellent customer service strategy, get in touch!

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