18 Job Hunt Horrors That Every Graduate Must Face

Searching for a graduate job after university is never easy and some days it can feel downright horrific!

How many of these job hunt horrors have you had to face?

1. When you need experience for every job but can’t get any because you need experience for every job.

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2. Spending ages filling in an online application form when the session times out.

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3. Trying to think of ways to stand out from other applicants.

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4. Pressing send on your application email before realising you haven’t attached your CV.

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5. Getting excited about an email response only to find that’s it’s automated.

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6. Having to live with your parents because you can’t afford your own place.

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7. Trying to avoid your parents because you spent all day watching Netflix instead of applying for jobs.

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8. Having to drag yourself out of bed every day to look for jobs.

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9. Realising that job hunting is destroying your soul.

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10. When your friends start getting grad jobs but you haven’t gotten an interview yet.

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11. Spending the little money you have on boring interview clothes.

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12. Attending group interviews.

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13. Having to act like a normal human for a whole job interview.

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14. Watching your bank balance slowly decline as you still don’t have a job.

horror crying gif15. Getting rejected for the tenth time.

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16. Every family member asking what you’re going to do with your life.

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17. Receiving your first student loan statement and seeing all the debt you owe.

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18. Finally getting a job and realising you’re a proper adult now.

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