10 Funny Memes that Totally Sum Up Finishing University

Graduation season is nearly upon us – time flies when you’re having fun (and studying for hours on end)! However, before you get there, you have the last few weeks of uni to contend with. Completing your studies is an exciting prospect but there’s a lot to get through before you’re finally a graduate! We’ve put together some funny memes that anyone finishing university will definitely relate to.


1. Roll Safe

roll safe meme finishing university

You can’t be late for the lecture if you don’t go to the lecture. Plus, there’s not much point, you’ve already mentally checked out.

2. Why Are You Like This?

why are you like this finishing university

You promised yourself you’d go to all of your final lectures and make really good revision notes. You swore that you wouldn’t leave all of your essays until the last minute. You were certain you’d do all of your studying way in advance. You didn’t, though. Oops.

3. Guy Blinking

guy blinking finishing university

You’re drowning in work, lectures haven’t finished, you still have deadlines to meet… Surely no one can be on top of things! Oh. Your friend just told you that they’ve finished all of their work ahead of time.

4. Salt Bae

salt bae finishing university

Dissertation word counts are a killer. So, sometimes you’ve got to improvise when the submission deadline is approaching. You might have to get your Salt Bae on and sprinkle some filler words here and there to bump up that word count! We promise we won’t tell.

5. Trump Draws

trump draws finishing university

When you hand in your final essay and you still have no idea what it was about. Who needs a central thesis anyway? All you know is one thing: you never want to write an essay again. Ever.

6. Danielle ‘Cash Me Outside’ Bregoli

cash me outside finishing university

When someone takes credit for the group project and they did absolutely nothing. There’s always that one person who never goes to the group meetings, skips seminars and only shows up on presentation day. Yet they manage to wing it so well that they actually knock it out of the park. Yep, we all low key hate that person.

7. Forrest Gump

forrest gump running finishing university

Actual footage of you after your last exam. As soon as it’s over and the invigilator says you’re allowed to leave, you’re out of there. You’re finally free!

8. This Ryan Gosling Fan

ryan gosling whispering finishing university

When results day is finally here and your grades are no way near as terrible as you thought they’d be. Shocker! Maybe those energy drink fuelled, late night cramming sessions were worth it after all. You almost feel stupid for crying (a lot).

9. Michelle Obama – First Lady of Sass

side eye michelle obama finishing university

When you’re presented with your degree and you start to wonder if you paid £27,000 for a piece of paper. At least it will look good above your mum’s fireplace, right? Right?!

10. Happy Seal

happy seal finishing university

Congratulations, you’re a graduate! All your hard work has paid off and now you’re ready to get out into the world of work. Well done!

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