Office Inspiration: Spring has Sprung at Bridgewater!

The blossoms have bloomed, the sun is starting to shine and the evenings are getting brighter. That’s right, spring is here! Since we’ll never pass up and opportunity to celebrate, we decided to welcome the new season by sprucing things up a bit here at Bridgewater HQ. If you need a bit of office inspiration, read on!

Employee happiness is always high on our list of priorities! So, we like to make sure that our team enjoy the time they spend in the office. We’re lucky to have bright, open and modern offices, however we felt that a splash of colour was long overdue. What better time is there than spring to add a dash of brightness?

Our employees have been putting their heads together to come up with ways we can make our office environment more fun and unique. There have been some great ideas including a chill out area, brightly coloured office furniture and games. (There have also been requests for a fro-yo machine and a gin cupboard, but that might be pushing it a little!) While we pull everything together, we thought we’d liven the office up a little bit.

Melissa and Jenny took on the task of giving the office a little facelift. We think the place looks great! Take a look for yourself.

Flowers are always a welcome addition and are guaranteed to add colour! The new mini orange tree in the meeting room has also been a big hit with the team. (We’ll let you know how the oranges taste!)

Office inspiration plants and flowers

Our dining area has also had a makeover and looks much more inviting.

Office inspiration dining area

With so many social activities going on throughout the year, we felt it was a good idea to keep a record of them. So, we’re also introducing a social board (AKA the wall of shameful photos) for the team to enjoy.

We love our new colourful office and can’t wait to show off all the plans we have up our sleeve for the next few months. Watch this space…

Happy springtime, everyone!

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