Monthly Archives: April 2017

10 Funny Memes that Totally Sum Up Finishing University

Graduation season is nearly upon us – time flies when you’re having fun (and studying for hours on end)! However, before you get…

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Dealing with Recruiters: Honesty is the Best Policy

The job hunter/recruiter relationship is a complex one. On one hand, you build a rapport with them and form a unique professional relationship.…

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2017 Salary Statistics Revealed

One question that employers and recruiters usually ask of candidates is "What are your salary expectations?" If you're looking for a new role it's…

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Bridgewater Awards – Our March Winners

We can’t believe that it’s the end of quarter one of 2017 already! It’s been a busy one here at Bridgewater and our…

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Insider Tips: Our Experts Reveal their Top Interview Advice

Our Consultants meet with numerous job hopefuls for interviews on a weekly basis. They've seen it all; the good, the bad and the…

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