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Unhappy at Work? Here’s What to Do About It

We all have the occasional down day at work – when you're stressed about meeting a deadline, a colleague's mistake has a negative…

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Workday Happiness: Staying Bright and Alert

Have you ever had a colleague who always seems to be chirpy and bubbling with energy every single day? They stay super bright…

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The Power of Self-Reflection: Success Comes From Within

(Don't let the title fool you, we've not gone all spiritual and meditative on you.) When talking about becoming successful, we often focus…

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CV Formatting Faux Pas: What to Avoid

Are you embarking on a new career path? Has that amazing promotion finally become available at work? Or are you simply looking for…

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Why Graduates Need to Develop Emotional Intelligence

What is emotional intelligence? Emotional intelligence (EI) is a relatively new theory which was first coined in 1964 by Michael Beldoch, but it…

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How to Build a Team that Works

Do you remember that old saying from school? Together Everyone Achieves More As cheesy as it is (we cringed too), there may be…

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The Power of Influence: 6 Tools to Get Anyone to Do Anything

Our Talent Development Manager, Sophie Finlay, looks at Dr. Robert Cialdini's theory The Psychology of Persuasion and shares her top tips on how…

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Employee Appreciation: Promotions, Awards and Pay Rises for Bridgewater Employees

It's employee appreciation day today, but at Bridgewater Resources' HQ it's more like employee appreciation week! Employee appreciation day only comes around once…

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Congratulations to our Employee of the Month – Darcey Hufton-Long

Congratulations to Darcey Hufton-Long for winning our Employee of the Month Award for February. Our employees are given the opportunity to nominate their…

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Attitude Can Make or Break Your Success

We all want success, right? Being able to monitor attitude is a vital step that we can all take towards reaching our full…

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