Attitude Can Make or Break Your Success

We all want success, right? Being able to monitor attitude is a vital step that we can all take towards reaching our full potential in our lives and careers. Why? Because it has a big impact on our performance at work and our relationships.

You may be Einstein-intelligent, you may have some great skills and experience, but without the right attitude you’re not going to be the most successful you!

The good news is that attitude is always a choice and you’ve got the power to control it. Sometimes things go wrong – we all face obstacles along the road, big plans fall through and life throws curve-balls at us. But here’s the thing, it’s not what happens to you that matters, it’s how you choose to react. Is the little voice inside your head going to admit defeat and wallow in self-pity, or is it going to encourage and motivate you to get back up and take action?

A negative attitude will limit your ideas and abilities whereas a positive one will broaden your horizons. Which one sounds better?

If you want to beat that niggling negativity and make your own success here’s what to do:

1. Discover what motivates you

Do you know what gets you going, gives you energy and makes you take action? If you’re unsure, take our Self-Motivation Quiz to find out. Discovering what motivates you will help you to stay positive and be more productive.

2. Visualise what you want

Visualisation is a powerful tool used by successful business leaders, athletes, surgeons and artists to name a few examples. Having a vision to work towards increases focus and helps you to maintain a positive attitude.

3. Check yourself

Controlling that negative inner voice isn’t easy, but think of your mind like a computer. Right now it may be programmed towards negativity but that doesn’t mean it can’t be reprogrammed. If you make yourself aware of creeping negative thoughts, you will be able to replace these thoughts with positive ones. Basically, if you can force yourself to keep thinking positively, eventually this will come naturally.

4. Watch your words

Speaking negatively about things or other people is only going to make you and those around you feel negative. Think before you speak and make sure that you are being a positive person.

5. Exercise

Exercise makes us feel good – not always at the time – but it has positive outcomes such as muscle development and weight loss. It energises you and makes you feel like you are doing something positive for yourself.

Having a positive attitude doesn’t mean that you will always win in life. Failure is inevitable, but a positive attitude will allow you to learn from your mistakes, bounce back and feel exhilarated when you are a success. If you follow these tips, you will be!

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