Graduate Salaries – What’s Really Important

When graduates begin their job search one thing that many are unsure about, but still believe is a hugely influential factor in the roles they apply for, is the graduate starting salary. Many graduates are unsure of what to expect from their starting salary and find themselves googling ‘graduate salaries 2015’ or trying to home in on what they might expect from their degree subject, but is this a waste of time?

It is understandable that graduates want to kick-start their career on a good wage after all of their hard work at university. However, some graduates seem to focus a little too much on the listed starting salary when what they should be considering is the long-term earning potential that a position offers.

Our advice to graduates is to not focus too much on the salary that is listed in a job description. The starting salary might be really high to hook you in, but then you may be stuck at that same level for years. On the other side of the spectrum the starting salary might be a little lower than you had hoped, but the opportunity offers room to develop professionally and progress within the business.

Ultimately, graduates need to weigh up everything that is on offer. What they should really be looking for in their first graduate role is an opportunity with thorough training, an experienced mentor and clear progression. That first graduate job is a time to really develop personal skills and expertise that will form the foundations of a truly successful career.

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