Graduate Salaries – What To Expect From Your Region

Many graduates begin their job hunt feeling a little uncertain about what they should be expecting to earn in their first graduate role. They feel uncomfortable when asked in interviews ‘So what are your salary expectations?’ because they don’t want to price themselves out of a role or be offered a lesser salary than they could have had.

Naturally the first port of call in looking for answers to the question, ‘What can I expect to earn in my first graduate job?’, is to google it! And what do the top results say about graduate salaries for 2015? Well, they say that graduate salaries are better than ever and the median salary for an entry level role is in fact £30,000. Sounds too good to be true, right? That’s probably because it is.

The 2015 UK graduate salary figures that fill the internet are based on High Fliers Research which focuses on the UK’s 100 leading employers. This is a list of corporate giants with prestigious graduate schemes. But what about the vast majority of graduates who don’t enter into these schemes, what salary can they realistically expect to earn?

While graduate salaries do vary greatly between different job sectors, they also vary based on location. With this in mind, we have mapped out what graduates in locations across the UK and Ireland can expect to earn 6 months into entry-level roles.

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