What is a 360-Degree Customer View and Why is it Helpful for Businesses?

As a business grows, it gathers more data about its customers and target audience. This data is highly valuable and drives all the company’s decision-making processes.

However, data is only useful and valuable if it’s error-free, accurate, and easy to access. Collecting data from multiple sources makes it difficult to maintain a high-quality database.

Unifying data from multiple sources is a great way for a business to improve data quality and learn more about its customers. When data is collated into a central platform, it creates a 360-degree customer view.

What is a 360-Degree Customer View?

A 360-degree customer view refers to a collection of all the data points a company has about a particular company.

It may include data about a customer, including the following:

  • Personal information
  • Search history or browsing history
  • Transactional history
  • Customer support inquiries and complaints
  • Interactions with a brand through chatbots, website contact forms, and social media messaging apps
  • Interests, pain points, and personal preferences
  • Communication preferences

With all of the above information, a business can easily create customer profiles that provide team members with easy access to a customer’s data at any moment in time. These profiles can be updated in real-time (manually or automatically) to ensure all data is accurate and error-free. A 360-degree customer view adds context to data points and streamlines all marketing and customer service-related processes.

A business may use a high-quality Customer Data Platform, such as the Adobe CDP, to unify its data and build a cohesive and extensive database for its customers. The unification of data streamlines the process of creating a 360-degree customer view for each member of a business’s target audience.

A CDP makes all customer data accessible from a central hub, where staff members can see a customer’s messaging history and purchasing behaviours to resolve inquiries and concerns.

How Does a 360-Degree Customer View Benefit Businesses?

Currently, just 10% of businesses have a 360-degree customer view, which is a surprising statistic considering its many benefits.

The implementation of 360-degree customer views can aid businesses in the following ways:

  1. Easy identification of incorrect or redundant data points, increasing the accuracy of data sets.
  2. Easier data collection, storage, and organization.
  3. Increased efficiency in customer support services, meaning faster responses to customer queries and complaints.
  4. Improved customer experience, satisfaction, and engagement.
  5. Easier customer segmentation for targeted marketing campaigns that yield maximum return on investment.
  6. Increased sales, profits, and return on investment.
  7. Reduced number of returns, refunds, and customer complaints.
  8. Easier personalization of products and services for each customer based on their preferences and buying history.
  9. Improved company reputation, strengthened brand identity, and increased credibility in the industry.
  10. Reduced stress on customer service teams and increased employee satisfaction.
  11. Easier prediction of future customer behaviours, enabling the business to cater its products and archives accordingly.
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