3 Ways to Create a Memorable Brand Identity

Brand identity is far more than just a logo; it encompasses everything a brand represents. This includes its mission, vision, values, and how it wants to be perceived by customers.

Brand identity is crucial for creating loyalty among customers, which is pivotal to business success. Having a strong brand allows a business to be well-positioned within a competitive market. An example of a company that has done this well is Tesla. Through clever marketing, they now occupy a premium position in the automobile industry.

1. Customer experience

Offering quality products and providing customers with fantastic service is vital when building and maintaining a memorable brand identity. A company’s reputation is highly reliant on customer satisfaction, so ensuring this is prioritised is an effective way to help.

Staff are vital in delivering customer service, so making sure that all team members are well-inducted and aware of company values will allow them to provide the best possible experience. As well as an initial induction, it is wise to include regular training sessions for the team to help maintain high service levels.

2. Social media

Using social media is a fantastic way to strengthen brand image and increase overall awareness. Not only does it allow a business to reach a range of potential customers, but it also provides the opportunity to build relationships with existing customers.

By using social media, companies can present themselves as a leader in the industry while also humanising the business, allowing customers to feel closer to the brand.

In recent years, the power of influencers has truly been realised. Influencer marketing can be very valuable to a range of businesses; calling on those with a large number of followers to promote a product means access to the captive audience they have built.

3. Company cars

Another, more traditional, form of marketing that can be used to strengthen brand identity is the use of branded company cars and other vehicles. This form of marketing is completely passive, meaning once the initial investment has been made, the brand travels everywhere with the vehicle. This means that every journey made acts as a brand awareness exercise.

This could include company vehicles for employees who commute regularly, visiting clients around the country, or lorries used for transporting stock. For any businesses considering using this method, it is important to check the terms of your transport insurance for any larger vehicles.

Having a good brand image and being positioned well within the market can truly help a business become established and convert one-time customers into loyal ones. This is something that no organisation can afford to overlook.

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