A Guide To Opening Up Your Photography Studio

Are you a passionate photographer with a keen eye for detail? Why not take your skill and turn it into a business which can turn a huge profit and let you live your dreams? There are plenty of themes that you could choose for your studio too. This includes a baby photography studio or simply a portrait one.

Whatever you choose, you’ll likely face some competition in the UK with the industry continuing to grow this year. This means you’ll need to get your studio started properly to increase your chances of being successful.

Not sure how to do that? This guide may be able to help you. We’ll discuss the steps every aspiring photography studio owner needs to take to develop and grow their start-up.

Find your niche

As previously mentioned, there are plenty of themes that you can choose from but you won’t want to select one that already exists in a crowded market. Instead, find a way to put a unique spin on the business as this will attract people to use your services. An example of this is combining a portrait theme with a baby theme. You will offer more luxurious baby pictures which parents may be interested in.

Decide your budget

Next, it’s time to decide how much you want to invest in your business. To do this, you’ll need to break down your costs. Consider how much your rent may be and what accessories you might need. Including the essentials such as cameras, lenses, tripods, lighting, and backdrops. Investing in inventory such as custom props for such shoots, portable fans to provide a cool air flow in the studio, light filters, reflectors, and diffusers.

Find a location

Your location will be vital in attracting customers. Central locations are the best but can cost a pretty penny each month in rent. Wherever you choose, you’ll also need to factor in how much it will cost to build your studio inside too. This can be anywhere between £1350 and £1725 per square metre, so consider this when selecting the space for your studio.


With all of the costs previously mentioned as well as your monthly energy bills, you’ll need to choose a price for your service that pays your bills and turns a profit. Otherwise, the business may fail. Do your market research to see what competitors are charging and if you can offer a cheaper price, do! Cost is one of the most important factors for clients, so having cheaper prices will increase your chances of gaining customers.

As you can see, opening up your new photography studio isn’t super complicated and can be done in a few simple steps. Get started today and showcase your incredible photography skills to the world whilst making money off of your hobby!

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