A Career in Beauty: How Much Money Do Hairstylists Make?

Being a hairdresser means you will always be in demand as people always need their hair cut. The average hairdresser’s salary in the UK is £26,000 which works out to £13.33 per hour. Multiple factors affect your yearly earnings, and there are ways to maximise your earning potential in this industry. What are the factors that affect these numbers?

Self-employment vs staff member

There are many advantages to either being self-employed or working for a salon, especially when it comes to your earnings. If you work as an employee for a salon, you are guaranteed a certain wage plus any tips customers may give you. If you are self-employed, however, your earnings may vary month to month depending on how established you are and how many clients you have. You will have to factor in any taxes you have to pay.

Experience and education

Another factor that can affect your earnings is your level of experience and education. The more education and experience you have you may be able to charge more for your time. Raising your prices is especially beneficial when you are self-employed as it will all be yours as opposed to a percentage going to a salon. This is why constant training and keeping up with new trends is so important in the beauty industry!


Unfortunately, if you do not live in London you will automatically be earning less than someone that does. This does not mean that your quality of life is less, however, as your cost of living may be more in proportion to your wages. Moving your business to London or any major city may be tempting, but it is worth remembering that there will be higher bills associated with that.

How can you improve this earning potential?

Offer more services

Offering more services is one way to maximise your earning potential. This may mean investing money in education or training courses. However, once you can start implementing these new services you will attract more customers who are willing to pay. To keep up with the new influx of clients, make sure your booking system is easy to use for yourself as well as your customers.

Upselling and selling add-ons such as hair toners or hair extensions is another good way to boost your revenue. This helps your client to trust in your knowledge and makes them more likely to return when they need a freshen-up.

Grow your client base

Growing your client base is important too. There are many ways to do this but utilising social media is an easy place to start. Make sure your presence is up to date on any social media that you want to use. You could post pictures and videos of before and after work on current clients – don’t forget to ask their permission first! This gives potential clients a snapshot of your work and lets them know which services you offer.

Increase your availability

Consider changing your working hours to those that fit your client’s needs best. If, for instance, all your clients work, it might be worth offering evening appointments mid-week. You can also open extra slots during weekends, or stay for one more hour each day so that you can book more appointments in. The more availability you have, the more money you can make.

In conclusion, a hairstylist’s salary will depend on many factors such as employment status, experience and location. By offering extra services, growing their client base and increasing their availability, most hairstylists will be able to up their earnings and build a successful career in the beauty industry.

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