Top 5 Reasons Why Candidates Turn Down Job Offers

Attracting, recruiting and retaining the best talent is a continuous challenge that businesses face and it’s one that significantly impacts success. With advertised vacancy numbers currently at a record high and staff shortages across the UK, it’s never been more important for companies to get their recruitment strategy right.

An area that we know is particularly frustrating for businesses is when a candidate makes it through the entire recruitment process, is offered a job but then turns it down. After all the searching and interviews, it’s often a big disappointment to lose a high-calibre candidate at the final stage. But what can businesses do to avoid this?

Why do candidates turn down job offers?

Leading UK job board, CV-Library, have conducted a recent study that points to poor interview behaviour being a key factor that stops job seekers from accepting new roles. Having surveyed over 1,500 UK professionals, they found that the top five reasons why candidates turn down job offers are:

  1. Arrogant or unfriendly interviewer (76.8%)
  2. The interviewer hasn’t looked thoroughly at your application/doesn’t know much about you (49.5%)
  3. The interviewer is distracted and doesn’t pay full attention during the interview (45.7%)
  4. Too many interview stages (30.9%)
  5. Lengthy assessment tasks (23.2%)

The role of the interviewer

It’s clear from the results above that the interviewer has a big role to play in making the candidate feel at ease and selling them the opportunity and the company. While it’s important to assess candidates to see whether they’ll be a good fit in terms of skills, expertise and personality, there can be a fine line between interviewing and interrogating.

Final advice

CEO and Founder of CV-Library, Lee Biggins, comments:

“With 1.2m positions currently on offer to UK jobseekers, the candidate experience is more important than ever before. It’s vital that hiring professionals heed the results of this survey and make any necessary changes to their recruitment strategy, now. If not, they simply won’t fill job vacancies and will drive top talent to key competitors.” 

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