The H-2B Visa Application Process Explained In Simple Terms

If you are an employer, you should be aware of how overseas visas work. Know that there are different types of visas available. This article will focus solely on the H-2B visa, to enhance your knowledge on the subject.

What a H-2B Visa Can Do

Understand that the main purpose of a H-2B visa is to allow temporary employment from overseas. Within the United States, there are numerous job opportunities available in a wide range of industries. Workers will need to work with employers to supply the correct information to make the application run smoother. Securing this visa will only be temporary, usually no longer than a few months, but it can be extended in some cases.

Reasons to Utilize One

If you are a worker then there are plenty of reasons as to why you would want to utilize a H-2B visa compared to other employment-based ones. The key difference with this type of visa is that it is solely for jobs within non-agricultural industries. These industries include construction, landscaping or hospitality.

Remember that a H-2B visa works differently compared to other ones as it’s a non-immigrant temporary visa. Make sure you know that this means there is a set time for employees to work with, in accustom to the amount of work that needs completing. The H-2B visa application process can be complicated without legal expertise at your hand. You need to work with attorneys such as Farmer Law PC, as they are specially trained to cut through the red tape and get visas approved with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

The Steps Involved

Consider the steps you need to take to successfully get a visa for yourself. Workers will need to find an employer who is looking to hire overseas. Then you will apply and get through any potential interview process. To get into the country, an employer will need to sponsor you through the visa application process.

This involves filling out multiple forms, such as an ETA-9142B which needs to be sent to the Department of Labor. One of the first steps will be to submit a Prevailing Wage Determination to the U.S. Department of Labor before finally sending off a job order with the State Workforce Agency.

An important part of the process will be to obtain a temporary labor certification for an employee. This will be known as Form ETA-9142B. Do all this before beginning an application process with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

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