5 Bathroom Electrical Trends for 2021

Technology in our homes has seen rapid growth over the years and now there’s rarely a room that isn’t touched by it. From TVs and smart meters to virtual assistants, we’re embracing technology and what it can offer us in terms of easy living, money-saving and entertainment.

As we look ahead to 2021, it’s clear that home technology is only going to continue growing and progressing. Waterproof technology, in particular, is becoming a staple in our bathrooms. Here are some trends to look out for:

1. Bathroom speakers

If you want to take your singing in the shower up a notch, bathroom speakers are the answer. You can listen to your favourite playlist through IP rated ceiling speakers or even get a bathroom mirror with a built-in sound system.

2. Digital showers and baths

When you’re on your way home on a cold winter’s night, you may be dreaming of the hot bath you’re going to have when you get in. Welcome to the future, because you can now get an automatic bath that will run your water just in time for you getting home.

Showers are getting smarter too! Digital showers have the capability to memorise the preferred water temperature of different people in the household.

3. Waterproof TVs

In the modern world, it’s not uncommon to take your gadgets into the bathroom so you can be entertained whilst taking a shower or a relaxing bath. However, this is a bit risky if your technology isn’t waterproof.

Waterproof TVs can be fitted into the wall of your shower or at the end of your bath so you can watch your favourite programme without any worries.

4. Modernized shaver sockets

Shaver sockets are one thing that usually look out of date in a modern bathroom. To combat this, there are plenty of bathroom cabinets on the market that try to conceal the shaver socket. However, we’re now seeing more modern socket solutions that are wire-free such as these toothbrush chargers.

5. The Japanese toilet

We’ve not caught up with the Japanese toilet style yet, but it’s coming! You can enjoy features including:

  • Motion sensors to open the lid when you enter the room
  • Pressure sensors to only activate when someone is sitting on it
  • A spray of water at the temperature you want
  • A heated seat
  • Remote control panel
  • Dryers
  • Sensor-activated night light

Bringing it altogether

The presence of technology in our homes is only going to continue increasing next year. Before we know it, you could have an AI fitness trainer in your bathroom giving you a pep talk whilst you brush your teeth! For suppliers of bathroom electronics, these trends could offer some great opportunities to boost profits next year.

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