8 Must-Have Apps for Students

There are millions of apps available for you to download with the tap of a finger, but there is a handful that are particularly useful for students.

Whether you are looking to boost productivity, save money, or get organised, we’ve got some great suggestions for you.

1. EasyBib – For easy referencing

Putting together a bibliography is a mind-numbing task most students dread, but EasyBib can change that. You can search their system for the resource you have used and then let EasyBib create your reference in a citation style that suits you. It’s simply a case of emailing yourself the references and copy and pasting them into your essay.

2. Just Press Record – For capturing lectures

If you’re prone to zoning our or even dropping off in lectures, Just Press Record will ensure that you don’t miss a thing. It enables you to record audio for an unlimited length of time and you have the option to transcribe and edit the recording afterwards. You’ll end up with a full lecture write-up with minimal effort.

3. Trello – For organising and tracking your projects

Are you in desperate need for a bit more organisation in your life? Or are you the kind of person who simply loves a good plan? Either way, Trello could be a good tool for you. With Trello, you can create boards for each of your projects and track the tasks you need to complete.

4. Monzo – For effective budgeting

You must have heard about Monzo by now and if you haven’t got it already, it may be time. This banking app makes managing and spending your money really easy. You can set spending budgets, create saving pots, receive notifications and get free cash withdrawals aboard.

Transferring money to your friends is also super simple with Monzo. If you have their phone number, you can quickly request or send money and split bills.

5. TopCashback – For great discounting

If you want to stretch that student loan a bit further, TopCashback can save you money at thousands of retailers. If you shop through their website, you’ll receive cashback offers as the app passes on some of their commission to you.

6. Forest – For boosting focus

If you’re easily distracted by your phone and passionate about helping the planet, Forest could be the app for you. The aim is to help you focus and be more productive.

When you want to get your head down, you should go onto the app and plant a tree. The less time you spend on your phone, the more the tree will grow and this converts into virtual currency which can be saved and used to plant real trees in Africa. So do the planet and yourself a favour by not procrastinating!

7. Too Good To Go – For restaurant food at a lower price

While we’d all love to eat out at restaurants multiple times a week, when you’re on a student budget this can be difficult. However, with Too Good To Go you can get restaurant food that would otherwise be thrown out and it’s cheap!

8. Headspace

Headspace requires a monthly subscription, however, if you’re the type of person who battles with exam anxiety or can become overwhelmed with university work, it may be worth it. With guided mediation and mindfulness exercises and videos, you’ll be able to de-stress, manage anxiety and learn how to deal with distractions.

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