The Smart Home Revolution: Electric Heating is Hotting Up

With the smart home revolution making an impact across the UK, we’ve seen a rise in the popularity of electric heating. Thanks to the evolution of the market and innovations, the design and function of electric heating are firmly in line with the requirements of a modern home.

The popularity of electric heating has now grown so much that many refurbished properties and new builds are making it their preferred option. This trend is set to continue as the Committee for Climate Change is aiming for all new builds to no longer by gas-fed by 2025.

Electric radiators and panels have kept up with the smart home revolution much better than many of their heating counterparts. Some models are now able to be controlled wirelessly so they can be better incorporated into the consumer’s lifestyle.

Installers are naturally turning to electrical wholesalers for guidance on the benefits of electric heating and which products to use. With such a vast range of products on offer, it’s important to be aware of how they can benefit you and your customers.

Are they aesthetically pleasing?

Grey panel convector heaters and bulky electric storage radiators are not aesthetically pleasing, in fact, they can be downright ugly. When considering the range of electric heaters that you offer, have a look at the latest styles and trends that will be in keeping with all décor.

How easy is installation?

Electric heating is generally quick and easy to install, and it is visible throughout most properties. There are low-level sizes and standard height available to suit rooms where it is not viable to extend plumbing. This makes them ideal for apartments, homes and offices.

Are they energy efficient?

A great benefit of electric heaters is that they are 100% efficient at the point of use. That means 100% of the electrical energy put in is converted to heat output. When you add in the sophisticated range of controls and programming devices, this means that comfortable temperatures can be maintained and energy can be saved.

What about timers and controls?

With the introduction of LOT 20 legislation in 2019, all panel heaters and radiators must now feature intelligent timers and controls to meet minimum efficiency standards. As a minimum, this includes:

  • 24/7 programming
  • Adaptive Start (a self-learning feature that deciphers when to turn the heater on to achieve optimum comfort)
  • Open Window Sensors

One of the most up and coming areas of electric heating is smart controls which allow heating to be controlled remotely. This has had a significant impact on increasing the popularity of electric heating products.

Some products now have voice control (pairing with devices like Amazon Alexa) and even geo-location options that know when the homeowner is leaving or returning home. 

Bringing it all together

As the popularity and demand for electric radiators and panel heaters continues to grow, electrical wholesalers should be positioning themselves to make the most of this thriving market. If they can offer a good range of models, styles and prices to meet the needs of their customers, they’ll be able to upsell and boost profits.

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