What to Do If You’re Ghosted by Prospective Employers

When it comes to conducting your graduate job search, you’re most likely going to have to apply for quite a few roles before you are successful. It will take time and there will be frustrations along the way, but by staying positive, making improvements and being persistent, you will secure a graduate job.

Here are some hurdles, you’ll have to tackle along the way.

You will be rejected

Many of the applications you make will, unfortunately, result in rejections. Sometimes you won’t have the right experience, or the role may be filled before you get the chance to go further in the process. There’s a lot of competition for graduate jobs, which means the majority of applications for every role will be rejected.

If you receive a rejection, it’s worth asking for some feedback so you know how you can improve for next time…

Feedback can be hard to come by

While it’s worth asking for feedback, the sad truth is you may not always get it. It can be difficult for employers and recruiters who receive thousands of applications to give feedback to every graduate.

Here at Bridgewater, we strive to offer feedback whenever it is requested as we appreciate that it can be frustrating for graduates who have spent time applying to not know why they have been rejected.

You may not be notified about the outcome of your application

When applying for roles, check to see if there’s a set period in which the employer or recruiter will be in touch if you are successful. If you don’t hear a response within this time, then it’s likely that you are not moving forward in the process. At this stage, you could try calling the employer to check they have received your application and to ask for feedback.

What to do if you’re ghosted by employers

If you’ve spent time on an application, tried to ask for feedback and still haven’t heard anything you may be feeling annoyed. It’s disheartening when you have put so much time and effort into your application and get nothing back. If this is the case, then just think, would you really want to work for a company who treats applicants like that anyway?

Keep your chin up, carry on and keep applying for the businesses that do provide feedback, acknowledge your skills and help you improve. Remember, getting a graduate job is a challenge but all your hard work will be worth it in the end!

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