Tapping into Electrical Instantaneous Hot Water Products

There’s an increasing demand for instant hot water taps as today’s homeowners look to save time in the kitchen and consumers expect instant gratification. Electrical wholesalers are in a prime position to tap into and profit from this growing market.

A Convenient Solution

We’re a nation of people with busy lifestyles both in our work and personal lives. Therefore, if there are any convenient solutions that save time and make our lives easier, we’re all for it!

In the UK, we consume around 60 billion cups of tea a year and then there’s all the coffee too. That adds up to a lot of time that can be saved with the convenience of boiling water taps. Not to mention, they can also be used for preparing food.

Key Selling Points

One of the main benefits for instantaneous point of use products like boiling water taps is that they only heat the amount of water required and in as close proximity as possible to where the boiling water is needed. This saves energy and therefore money as there is not as much waste.

In rental properties, having an electric point of use water heating is beneficial as it negates the need for annual gas checks and gas safety certificates. For many taller buildings where gas-powered heating in prohibited, point of use water heating is an excellent alternative.

More Options

These products are no longer reserved for luxury domestic kitchens or limited to commercial counter-top products, there are many options and aesthetics available. You can now eliminate the need for a kettle with one sleek tap that provides cold, hot and boiling water on demand from a single faucet.

When choosing which products to offer and recommend, there are a number of things to consider:

  • Ease of installation, especially for new installers
  • Health and safety e.g. low water pressure to avoid splash-back
  • Aftercare servicing
  • A brand you can trust

An Opportunity for Wholesalers

The market for boiling water heaters has seen significant growth in the last 5 years and this is due to continue. Boiling water product sales are set to hit nearly £60 million by 2021 and boiling water taps are certainly an emerging trend.

As the market for electrical instantaneous hot water products looks set to continue growing, electrical wholesalers should ensure that hot water mixer taps are present in their inventories.

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