New Research: Candidates Expect Recruitment Process to Only Take 1 Week

Looking for a new job can be a process that drags on, however new research has revealed that today’s candidates expect either a job offer or a rejection within a mere week. This sends a clear message to employers and recruiters that candidates are expecting much faster responses and those that can shorten their processes have a much better chance of securing the best talent on the market.

What recruiters are saying

Recruiters are recognising that we need to hurry things up, however many believe that if you want to find a candidate that ticks all the right boxes, candidates may have to wait a month from applying to find out whether they have landed an offer. We’d certainly agree that this is a more realistic timeframe, especially for more experienced roles.

The gap in expectation vs. reality

Recent research conducted by the Addison Group revealed that:

  • 45% of jobseekers have been offered a job within a week of applying
  • 54% of recruiters think that realistically a month is the maximum time jobseekers will have to wait for an answer

This is quite a gap in expectation vs. reality with many candidates underestimating the time the recruitment process takes and believing it to be inefficient.

How to manage candidate expectations

With candidates expecting a much shorter process, it is more important than ever for recruiters to keep them engaged by being responsive and transparent. Recruiters and employers must work together to ensure candidates receive regular updates and know when to expect a response and they need to deliver on their promises.

68% of candidates will lose interest in a role if they are kept waiting for longer than a week with no update. Plus, if you keep a great candidate waiting, they may have another job offer on the table before long.

Bringing it all together

As recruiters, we know that it is important to keep the recruitment process moving as swiftly as possible. At the same time, it does take longer than candidates expect but we keep candidates engaged by providing regular updates and answering any questions they have along the way.

We would encourage employers to move quickly with candidates and to provide feedback as early as possible after an interview. In fact, a Talent Board report found over half of candidates who received feedback on the same day as their job interview were far more likely to accept the offer.

Speed is important and we should do what we can to improve the recruitment process, however ultimately finding the right talent for your business is the most important goal.

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