5 Tips for Getting Your CV Noticed by Employers

In order to be successful in your job search, it’s beneficial to put yourself in the mind of employers and hiring managers. The way they perceive your CV could be the difference between you being invited to an interview or receiving a rejection email. If you have an understanding of how recruiters review CVs, you’ll be better positioned to write an effective one.

If you want to catch the attention of recruiters and hiring managers, you should follow these 5 tips.

1. Make them want to open your CV

When you submit your job application, you may assume that your CV will be read by a recruiter. While in an ideal world, recruiters would read every CV they receive from start to finish, with hundreds of applications a day to go through this isn’t always realistic.

To make sure your CV gets noticed, you should include a tailored cover letter/email with every application. This should be a brief paragraph or two that introduces you and explains why your CV is worth reading.

2. Create a CV that is easy to navigate

With so many CVs to read, many recruiters will skim-read a CV first to establish whether you have the requirements. If you’re ticking a few boxes, then they will go back and read it fully.

In order to pass this initial test, you should ensure your CV is easy to read with a simple font, clear sub-headings and short points. Highlight the key skills required for the role in a skills section at the top of your CV. Definitely avoid long paragraphs of text and this will likely lose their interest quickly.

3. Make the most of your most recent role

Once recruiters have scanned over your CV, they will go on to look at your current or most recent role. For recruiters, this role should give them a good idea of your capabilities and what you can bring to your next role which is why they review it more closely.

Spend time perfecting this part of your CV and getting the role description right. Recruiters will want to know:

  • What’s your place in the organisation?
  • Do you manage any other people?
  • How do you make an impact on the company?
  • What results have you achieved?

4. Back yourself up with facts and figures

Don’t just tell recruiters how good you are, show them. Including key figures will help the recruiter understand your seniority and importance and it will definitely help you to stand out from other candidates. You could highlight:

  • Size of budget you manage
  • Number of locations you work across
  • How many team members you manage
  • Amount of revenue you have generated

5. Check for mistakes

Not only does having mistakes in your CV suggest that you lack attention to detail, but recruiters will also be reluctant to forward your CV to their clients if there are errors. Spelling and grammar mistakes, gaps in work history and facts that don’t add up are all red flags for recruiters.

To avoid any mistakes letting you down, proofread your CV carefully and ensure that everything is correct. You want everything to look slick and professional and you should ensure you have a professional email address and correct contact details. Don’t give recruiters any reason to doubt you.

Bringing it all together

A recruiter’s job is simple – find candidates that match their client’s requirements as closely as possible. If you can show that you have the relevant skills and experience and that you are professional, you stand a great chance of being shortlisted.

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