The Truth About Finding a Graduate Job

Finding a graduate job certainly isn’t easy and you’re likely to face plenty of ups and downs along the way. If you’re wondering what that journey might be like, here’s some honest insights.

You start out feeling positive and ready to get yourself a grad job

You realise that writing your CV is harder than you thought…

You apply for some jobs that you’re actually enthusiastic about

And wait patiently to hear back from employers

Then you wait some more…

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Then you realise they’re never going to call.

Your parents keep asking about your job search

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You finally get invited to an interview

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You do your best to sell yourself to the interviewer

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You hope you didn’t say anything stupid

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You get rejected

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It hurts

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You attend more interviews

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Finally, you receive a job offer!

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And it was all worth it in the end

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