The Smart Heating Market is Hotting Up

With more and more smart technology being used in our everyday lives, it’s unsurprising that homeowners are wanting to introduce it to their homes. Our Recruitment Manager and industry expert, James Downing, shares his thoughts on smart heating.

Just over 10 years ago we didn’t have smart phones and watches, Alexa and Siri didn’t exist, and smart home products were reserved for the luxury market. Now we’re ordering taxis through apps, transferring money with our phones and we can switch our home heating on before we leave work for the evening. How times have changed!

Control with apps

Electric radiators have progressed quickly with the introduction of new technology and can now offer consumers more control when paired with smart devices. Now we have radiators where the heating times and temperatures can all be controlled with the internet through specially designed apps. You can specifically control the radiator in every room of your house while you are anywhere in the world.

Voice activation

Some electric radiators have moved one step further than this by featuring pioneering control technology. This enables them to be linked to devices like Amazon’s Alexa where you can control your heating with voice activation. You can literally tell your heating system what to do.

Geo-location technology

The days of getting in from work to a freezing cold house are over, and you don’t even need to use your app to turn your heating on. That’s right, some electric radiators are now so smart that they can detect your location and turn on your heating when you are a certain distance from your home. This can be set up through an app on any device including laptop, phone and tablet.


Electric radiators are now so smart that they even control themselves. For example, Adaptive Start Control helps radiators learn when to switch on and off in order to achieve optimum home comfort. Virtual Open Window Sensors can sense continuous drafts and stop heating until the draft has gone.

Freedom and flexibility are key

Within the heating market, and many other sectors, we can see that products that offer freedom and flexibility are the future. Homeowners want to be able to control their homes easily and they want to save energy and money on rising energy bills. It’s estimated that electric heaters that incorporate smart controls can save a household as much as 30% on their bills.

What this means for wholesalers

Customers will naturally be turning to wholesalers for help and advice when it comes to smart heating products. Homeowners are expecting more from their heating and it’s important for wholesalers to keep up with and stock the latest technologies.

50% of consumers are likely to install smart heating in their homes over the next five years, and this number is growing. Wholesalers need to be ready with the knowledge and technology to meet these demands and make a lot of profit for themselves.

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