How to be a Work Christmas Party Pro

It’s that time of year – mince pies, mistletoe and mulled wine galore! Although there will be many a cosy night in, it’s also party season and for many, this will mean an invitation to the work Christmas party.

Whatever you and your team are up to this holiday season, knowing the dos and don’ts of the ‘work’s do’ is not always easy, so here are our Golden Rules:

Don’t be a Grinch

Work Christmas party grinch

Your work Christmas party is a real end-of-year treat from your employer to you, so no excuses! Make sure that you do attend and aim to stay a while. If you find yourself double-booked and you genuinely can’t change your other plans, then try to at least show your face.

Also, remember to wish your colleagues a Merry Christmas; after all, ’tis the season to be jolly!

Join in!

Work Christmas party join in

Loosen up and enjoy yourself; take part in conversations, get involved if there’s dancing and have a good laugh with your colleagues. This is a great opportunity to socialise with people you’ve never had the chance to get to know. You can also use the party as a casual networking event, but keep things light-hearted – it’s a party and not many people will want to talk business.

Also, try not to sit on the sidelines, glued to your phone – no one likes a party pooper.

Be appropriate

Work Christmas party be appropriate

Of course you should let your hair down and have fun, however this isn’t the same as a mad night out with your friends! Your Christmas party is still essentially a work function and your behaviour may fall under scrutiny – so behave yourself! Arrive on time and dress appropriately, adhering to any dress codes that may be in place. Make sure that your behaviour is in-line with the tone of the event, avoid gossip, controversial topics and flirting. Oh, and definitely save the ‘twerking’ and other questionable dance moves for the night club!

The basic rule is: try not to do anything that will leave people talking about you for all the wrong reasons, which leads us onto our next golden rule…

Don’t go overboard on the booze

Work Christmas party on the booze

Don’t. Get. Too. Drunk. Whether the free wine is flowing, or the bar tab is open, know your limits. On some occasions, wandering the streets with your face in a kebab is (just about) acceptable. But is this how you’d want your boss or your colleagues to see you?

Yes, sometimes you can accidentally have one tipple too many; in this instance, try to take control before it gets worse. Have some water or something to eat, or if that doesn’t work then it may be time to call a taxi. It’s much better to go home before you do something stupid like proclaiming your undying love for Susan in Accounts or letting your ‘Dutch Courage’ land you in hot water by saying something you’ll regret.

No hogging the limelight

Work Chritsmas party hogging the lime light

You know that person? The one that constantly brags and talks about themselves? The one that constantly tries to outshine everyone else? Don’t be that person. Try not to dominate conversations; ask people about themselves, listen to what they have to say, engage with and contribute to other conversations.

If you notice someone who is being left out of the festivities, or who is sitting/standing alone, try to make them feel involved – go and say hi! Share your attention throughout the evening and don’t just schmooze the bigwigs.
Following these tips will ensure that you party like a pro this Christmas.

Have a great time!

Merry Christmas

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