What to Wear to an Interview

We have conducted a lot of interviews in our time and the majority of our candidates arrive looking smart and professional. However, we also see a number of candidates that do not quite hit the mark with their interview attire.

What to wear to an interview is not always straight forward and you should do your best to research the company, find out about their company culture and dress accordingly. Your interview outfit plays an important role in creating the right impression and helps the interviewer visualise you fitting into their team.

The interviews that Bridgewater and our clients conduct are quite formal and traditional. The infographic below, therefore, is a great indicator of what you should and should not wear for your interview. We want you to impress us, so make sure your interview attire sets you up for success!

Key points to note:

  • Men cannot go wrong with a two-piece suit, providing it is not in a crazy colour!
  • Don’t forget the details, dark socks are a must.
  • Women should check the length of their skirts.
  • Men should ensure that any facial hair is appropriate for their industry. If not, go clean shaven.

(We would also like to add – do not go overboard on the perfume/aftershave!)

See full details below:


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