The Power of Planning in 5 Steps

Did you know that happy people can be as much as 31% more productive than their downcast counterparts?

Planning your day effectively will help you to maintain a positive mood, stay motivated and achieve your goals. Following these 5 steps will enable you to master the power of planning, boost your productivity and improve your self-motivation:

The Power of Planning

1. Ditch the Long To-Do Lists

Having long, general to-do lists that you keep adding tasks to will have a negative impact on your motivation. An almighty list of never-ending tasks is likely to overwhelm you and make you less productive.

2. Have Daily Goals

When it comes to organising and planning your workload we recommend keeping things simple and breaking tasks down into smaller achievable goals. Having daily short-term goals will allow you to achieve something every day which will help you to keep feeling motivated and moving towards accomplishing your larger goals.

3. Keep an Unscheduled To-Do List

While long, general to-do lists are not helpful, having a short list of smaller tasks that you might otherwise forget is beneficial. You can then slot these odd jobs into your daily goals where convenient.

4. Plan to Have Breaks

Taking short breaks really will help boost your motivation and productivity. Planning breaks within your daily schedule will ensure that you actually take them and feel the benefits. A break can be anything from making yourself a drink and grabbing a snack, to looking away from your screen for 15 seconds.

5. Resolve Unfinished Business

When things are left unfinished or unresolved they can cause you stress. Planning your work effectively will help to minimise these scenarios and keep you moving in the right direction. Overdue tasks should not be put off but tackled today so that you can get them off your mind and get motivated for what’s next.

You might be surprised by what you can achieve in a day once you’ve mastered the power of planning. So, get your planning in order and reap the rewards that it brings!

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