How To Get Motivated In The Morning

If you have trouble bouncing out of bed in the morning with a smile on your face and feeling motivated for the day ahead then you are not alone! In fact, this is a very common occurrence, but with a few tricks and tips you can certainly improve your morning motivation.

How you start your day can have a considerable impact on how the rest goes. Rolling out of the right side of your bed in the morning, feeling positive and motivated for the day ahead will set you up for a successful day.

Follow our 6 tips to get motivated in the morning:

1. Don’t Snooze

When the alarm blares it’s tempting to slam the snooze button and drift back off into a dose. However, having your sleep repeatedly interrupted and being loudly and suddenly woken every 5-15 minutes is not helpful. Do you really feel well-rested when you finally have to get up?

Delaying the inevitable will only make you grumpy so it’s best to get up at the first alarm. You could also try lying on your back and taking deep breaths for a few seconds before getting out of bed as this will wake up your brain and help energise you for the coming day.

2. Find Something To Look Forward To

If you wake up dreading your morning meeting or just going to work that day then you are already demotivated. Positive thinking really is powerful so try to focus on something that you are looking forward to in the day to help you get motivated.

3. Drink Water

You can get quite dehydrated while you sleep and this contributes to the drowsy feeling you get when you first wake up. Drinking a glass of water soon after you wake will immediately help you to get going and feel motivated.

4. Listen to Music

Blasting out your favourite tunes in the morning will help you to feel energised and put you in a good mood. Creating an upbeat and fun atmosphere in which to get ready will wake you up and set you up for the day ahead.

5. Know Your Goals

People often lack motivation when they have lost sight of what it is that they want to achieve. We recommend having a visualisation board somewhere in your house or at work. This should be a montage of your goals this year and could include places you want to go on holiday, things you want to buy and experiences you want to have. Looking at this in the morning or anytime you are feeling demotivated is a great way to focus and get your motivation back up.

All of our Bridgewater team are encouraged to have visualisation boards on their desks so that they can keep sight of what their goals are.

6. Exercise/Stretching

It’s good to get the blood circulation going in the morning to help you feel energised. Hitting the gym before work will certainly do this, but if you’re not the gym-going type some simple stretching will also do the trick. Many personal trainers recommend 5-10 minutes of stretching in the morning to boost your motivation.

It is the people that find their motivation and consistently use it to drive them who are the most successful. Mastering self-motivation in the morning is certainly a step in the right direction on your road to success.

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